2008–2009 · St. Andrews, NB

In St. Andrews Architecture we have attempted to articulate the social history of this unique locale and how its architecture and layout unmistakably express its very character and spirit. From the earliest Loyalist homes to the 19th century Water Street commercial strip to the flamboyant Shingle Style mansions to the notable 1960s public buildings, the architecture is the best essay on the organic growth of this precious town. Its expressions of personality and idiosyncrasy, social hierarchy and fashion, and discretion and worldliness are not only astonishing, they are beautiful, beloved and vital to our sense of self as Canadians. The sweep of St. Andrews’ architecture is the most direct connection to the social and economic conditions of the past, and the key to how that past has fashioned this exceptional place.

John Leroux, St. Andrews Architecture 1604–1966